Hi! I’m an artist and creator based, found mainly in coffee shops in South-East London.

When I was a child I refused to speak. I don’t know why but, according to my family, I used drawing as an alternative (odd) means of communication. This has resulted in me holding my pen in a ‘majorly innovative’ (weird) way. Hence, the life of a creative was destined.

The rebellion against the status quo developed through the school years. At the back of the classroom you could often spot me drawing caricatures of teachers and fellow classmates … or overhear a scolding outside the vice headmaster’s office for when I uploaded them online to MySpace.

Jump 20 years and I’m still doing ‘majorly innovative’ (….like really odd) drawings and paintings, this time with more expensive pens.

So, enjoy your time clicking about and shoot me an email if you wanna have a chat.